wishin and hopin

If this is your first time to my blog, feel free to ignore this post. It’s mostly here for convenience.


It’s my birthday soon.
I have lots of projects I want to get rolling on, and terrible time management skills and 3 hours of travel time a day.
What I don’t have is a convenient way of working on productive things while I’m travelling.
I would love a laptop. Particularly, a shiny new laptop that is mine-all-mine because it’s rare that I get yummy technological things straight from the shop.

Given that my finances are pretty dismal, I thought I’d ask my friends and family and the world at large to contribute towards the purchase of a laptop if they feel like it. If you’d like to contribute, you can click here to do so via paypal.


Big love.


One response to “wishin and hopin

  1. Court and I donated some monkeys to you! Not much, cos we’re kinda poor, and you might have to use a bit of it to buy Jesse something in the name of fairness 😛 I hope you get a laptop soon! Miss you two a lot.

    xxx Max

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