new starts

After months of soul searching and thinking and resting parts of myself and nutting out what it is I really want and what’s holding me back… I’m beginning to get to some conclusions.

Rather than just keep thinking things through, I’ve decided to just start doing the things that need to be done regardless of finetuning my decisions and to-do list. Which basically means a big clearout and a gathering of finances and preparedness.

In doing this, I’ve noticed that my approach to art is a lot like my approach to everything. A little slapdash and experimental and stop/start with a lot of ideas thrown out and abandoned and then returned to later. Then when I’ve refined the process, it’s hands right in there getting messy, powering through the work until it’s done (but I could continue tweaking forever).

Recently we’ve been working on the business, and continuing on with the ‘like making art’ anaolgy, It’s been at that stage where things appear to be shaping up. The sketches look okay, and paint is going on smoothly, but then you add that one colour over the top and it just looks wrong wrong wrong and you want to rip it up and start again. Not that I ever rip things up and throw them out. I let them rest for a little while and come back to them with fresh eyes and a new idea to try to make them work.

So right now I’m in ‘come back to it with fresh eyes and make it work’ mode. I’ve been looking at the fundamental things about my business – what I love and what I don’t like and why things aren’t sitting perfectly well with the store as it is. I have a few ideas to try out. But there’s some housekeeping to be done first.

In the next few weeks I’ll be cleaning out the clutter of the shop and of my life. I’m looking forward to it. (and you should be too – there will be treasures up for grabs that’s for sure)


One response to “new starts

  1. You are on a roll – I know whats coming next!

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