this was originally going to be a links post

Once upon a time, somewhere around year 8, I had a headache at school, and went to the nurses office. I was told to lay down on one of the beds and spend the afternoon there until it was time to go home. There was a pile of books next to the beds and the one I picked up was SARK’s ‘Inspiration Sandwich’.
It was a lightbulb moment for me because it just clicked perfectly with my view of the world and the way I wanted to live my life.

To put things in context, a bit about what my world view is:

I was pretty depressed at 13/14, and I suppose kind of nihilistic too. I pretty much viewed myself as an outsider or observer and sometimes I’d do things just to see how people would react. I used to sit on the ledge of a multistory carpark and see how many people walked by without saying anything (more than even I’d expected). I was a performer and I loved it because I could become someone else – not because I didn’t like myself, but mostly because I was at a stage where I didn’t really know who I was. Other than the usual hormonal things, there wasn’t anything happening in my life that I was depressed about in particular, but the general feeling of pointlessness made life seem pretty dismal.

Then one day I’d had enough. Something clicked when I was sitting in my spot at the carpark and I just decided that things were going to be different. My whole attitude to everything changed and I just decided that I was going to be happy and positive from then on. I’ve always had a bit of a pick n mix approach to philosophy/religion. I had quite a spiritual upbringing (My mum & grandad ran a psychic development group) but I’m also quite analytical and science-y at heart.

I don’t believe in a single higher power, or entity or creator. I do believe in energy and that there is more going on in the universe than our science has fully understood as yet. I believe in karma and affirmations and the benefits of meditation and positive self talk. I believe that we choose how we react to every given situation. It’s very easy to choose the path of least resistance and that is how downward spirals begin. I believe in salience and coincidence and that you’ll generally see what you want to see. But mostly I believe that we are in control of our experience of the world – even when everything seems out of our control, there are always little decisions that we make that can make a difference to how we feel about things at least.

Okay. enough ramble. Here is what came here to post.

Keri Smith is pretty great. I was very jealous when Mum bought Wreck this Journal. But I got to help her wreck it, so I forgive her for being cooler than me. You should look through Keri’s whole webpage, but this is what I read today that I had to share:
Keri has secret powers

SARK used to have a little camp on the internet and it grew and grew and it’s now a planet. I have owned a few of her books in the past, but I loaned them out to people and never saw them again. I like to think that they needed them more than me. When I’m a billionaire I’ll buy multiple copies of her books and give them out to people on public transport.
Visit PlanetSARK

The Lost Soul Companion – particularly the things to do instead of killing yourself list.

Tera’s Wish

Okay, it’s time to close up the shop and go see how Nana’s going. I’ll post some more links later on, when I go through my bookmarks at home.


One response to “this was originally going to be a links post

  1. well – such words of wonderful wisdom , insite and exposure! Good soul food for all – love it and want more.

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