Another bad-blogger guilt post (Hi Brenda!)

Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.

I really need to get myself a card reader for the shop computer, then I can upload pictures from here and posting will be much easier.

We’re all moved into our new house and to be honest, we haven’t really done much decorating or anything like that yet. We’ve painted one room so far, and then we started on the kitchen. I say ‘we’ started on the kitchen. That’s mostly been Jesse’s job. He ripped out the old one all by himself and put together most of the new kitchen cabinets as well. I’ve helped with a few of the cabinets and we’re still far from done. It’ll be a few more weeks before we get a plumber in to put in our dishwasher (yay!!!) and then we have to get everything in place and level, measure up for the benchtop and get it ordered. The we have to find some tiles to match up with the existing tiles, paint around them… you get the picture. There’s lots to do.

I haven’t been experimenting much craft-wise lately. I’ve started a new art journal which I have promised myself I will work in, unrestrained and messy, until it is full before I start any other journal type projects. We’ll see how I go with that though, we’ve heard it all before. =)

Today I’ve been making 3d flowers from the paper flowers and silk flowers I’ve had laying around. I made one yesterday to demonstrate the technique for a customer and I’ve been making them compulsively ever since.

I have plans to have a fabulous crafternoon with a friend of mine who designs clothes and dabbles in jewelery making. She’s got a fabulous glamorous extravagant style so it should be super fun. I have no idea what we’ll make, but I have an inkling it’ll involve things that are large, sparkly, textural and colourful.

Well that’s all for now. It’s a long weekend this week, so I think I’ll take Monday off and try to upload some of the things I’ve made for sale to my etsy page… only time will tell if I actually get it done though!


One response to “Another bad-blogger guilt post (Hi Brenda!)

  1. OMG WOW Slap Me Cant believe my eyes!

    Firstly – card reader – I’ll bring one in if you dont if thats the only excuse.

    Secondly – what flowers I want to see them – you didnt show us!

    Thirdly – your friend sounds devine – just my type when do we meet her?

    Finally – have a great weekend and be sure to have something to upload and blog about come Tuesday – yes Tuesday!


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