More crafty experiments.

cupcake1Last night I hit the kitchen armed with a few supplies…

Can you guess from the sneak peek what I’ve been making?

No, it’s not food. I know from past experiments that baking is just not my thing. Making on the other hand…

This is a project I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and I finally thought ‘why not’ and bought a few bits from the baking section and went to work.

The recipe I used was a DIY version of Lush’s ‘butterball‘ and it called for 1 cup of bicarb soda, half a cup of citric acid and half a cup of grated cocoa butter. Add a few spritzes of witchhazel and some essential oils and now I have my very own bathcakes in my favourite refreshing/relaxing scent. A super duper strong combinaton of west indian lime, lavender and spearmint.  Really good for those lazy morning baths on your day off.

I haven’t tried one in the bath yet, but the tester bit that I put in water fizzled quite nicely so I think I can call experiment #1 a success.

I didn’t have any moulds on hand, so I bought a packet of jelly cups that were on special and used the plastic from those. I didn’t really allow for expansion of the mixture, so they ended up a little too big for the cute muffin cases I bought, but I think I can get away with it.

Next time I won’t use quite so much essential oil or cocoa butter – I was a little heavy handed with both. But indulgent buttery moisturising refreshing baths.. . aahhh, how can you go wrong?  See?



5 responses to “More crafty experiments.

  1. Bec!! They look absolutely amazing! =) Such a cute idea xx

  2. wildandpreciousart

    thankyou miss. now of course the question is: do you have a bath?

  3. I will gladly ‘test’ them for you! They look gorgeous with the little hearts on top… and that scent combination is divine!

  4. wildandpreciousart

    Mum, I have a plan for these, but you can test one of my green batch. They’ll be really good for soaking tired feet – with peppermint and lime oil.

  5. They look so cool darlin!

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