Collage scrappy card

I haven’t been too busy making things lately. I still do a bit here and there though, even though it doesn’t feel like I’ve spent any solid work time creating. I guess I’m spoiled in that regard. I can make things whenever I feel like it, even while I’m working. =) card-design

This is a card I threw together on Wednesday afternoon. I put it in the scanner before I left the shop and just remembered to scan it today. I’ve put a few instructions on the image, so click it to see it full size if you’re interested. A very simple design, easy to whip up and do differently each time.  I guess it’s got a bit of a cutesy feel to it, with the scalloped edges. It kinda reminds me of some of elsie’s work.(side note: I am pretty much green with envy about the red velvet art girls and their new venture.

Come on creative perth people, i think it’s crafternoon tea time. I’m thinking of some sort of indie crafty group maybe for under 30s? I’m open to suggestion though if you have a better idea.

Edited to add: I made another card. Click the thumbnail to view it bigger.



8 responses to “Collage scrappy card

  1. Psht!!! What could be a better than a Crafternoon Tea!?! =D

  2. wildandpreciousart

    Does that mean you’re in? =)

  3. i’m in! yay. wow, loving elsie’s blog, thanks for the link!

  4. of COURSE I’m in! =)

    & also – the enlarged image is awesome. Do you put the whole pack together, just so someone can make a card! How convenient! Such a great idea =)

    • wildandpreciousart

      re: Kits – This was more the sort of thing you can do with whatever scraps you have. I don’t often do kits to make specific cards, I’m more about convincing people they can come up with their own ideas.

  5. You know im in kid! Cupcakes provided by me!

  6. I feel old and dejected LOL

  7. awww mum. you can have your own group. you’ve already got one, what am I talking about. I’m jealous of YOU. =P

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