Having a good day

becwithcherriesToday I decided to have a really good day.  Why I don’t do this every day I don’t know. I guess I do, just not to the same extent. Today I decided to have an exceptionally good day.

To help things along and keep me in a good mood when I’ve got the ‘good day’ vibe I:

  • Use something fancy in the bathroom – something I’ve been saving (usually something from lush, or a hair treatment etc)
  • Put on really good music. Or music I haven’t heard before. And I listen to it and dance. Whether I’m on a train ( more of a subtle bopping and wiggling) at the shop (random twirling, spring in my step) or at home (footloose is the only word to describe this).
  • Eat something I really like that I don’t have all the time. Even better if it’s something good for me because then I don’t feel guilty about eating it either.  Today it was a stash of fresh fruit (cherries, plum, peach, nectarine, banana) yum yum yum.
  • Interact with as many people as possible. Whether it’s saying hello, giving them a compliment, serving them even better than I normally do, or just smiling in their direction. Having people smile at you is one of the best happy-making feelings ever.
  • Hugs! See people that love you. (I haven’t done this yet today, but plan on getting my hugs in tonight) I think everyone should get at least 3 hugs a day.
  • Make something to remind you of your day. Even if it’s something stupid. Like a poorly taken, poorly photoshopped photo of you with cherries as earrings that’s unabashedly inspired by a film poster. If it reminds you of your great day AND one of your favourite films, you get bonus points.
  • Get physical. Again with the dancing. The twist is my new thing. You get a full body workout when you bring out the leg kicks and hopping about – and it’s so much fun you’ll barely be able to breathe from all the giggling. Find a tiled floor and wear a slippery pair of socks.
  • Go to bed early and do something that makes you go to sleep with a smile on your face. Whether you’re curling up with a book or a partner, get comfy and horizontal. Go to sleep smiling and start the whole thing off again tomorrow.

3 responses to “Having a good day

  1. Great advice….. I’ve linked to this post from my blog as I wanted to share the ‘joy’ and ‘dancing’…. xo

  2. I like this ! Good advice!

  3. Lots of good stuff to aspire to! It’s always good to get a reminder to be happy! I see you like Rufus Wainwright. I saw him live in Philadelphia. He was awesome both his voice and his piano skills. His sister Martha (who was singing backup ) kicked ass too. Oh God I’m old I also saw his FATHER Louden WIII !! Going back to the happy list now!!Cheers, Susan

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