Word of the week – Week 1 – Space


The main thing I’ve been contemplating this week has been space. About making a space my own. About what my house will look like when I have walls I can paint or knock down or scribble on. About the shop and the location of it. About my craft room and how I haven’t been in there because it’s not air-conditioned. About the atmosphere I spend my time in. About personal space and sharing it with strangers on a train in the morning. About clutter and clearing and starting fresh. About sprawling out with a house that’s mine vs condensing my stuff into a few rooms and a lot of boxes. About the spaces I imagine I’ll inhabit in the future. About filling in the empty spaces in my life and cleaning out the cluttered ones.

Not that I have anything particularly insightful to say or discuss. But that’s what’s on my mind this week. I’m going to try to post a word a week which sums up what’s going on in mythoughts. This week there was space in my head. ha ha.

In thinking about space, I decided that even though we’re only back at my parents temporarily, it was important for me to have a space I could retreat to that felt like mine now, not the me I was when I was growing up. That said, the style I chose to decorate with is very much like the sort of thing I used to do. The photo collage on the wall (picture up the top)  is something I used to do quite a lot of – the images are different now though. This one has a lot of vintage raunch and sass, beautiful images I like to look at and a few random things thrown in for good measure. I haven’t included any of the art prints or postcards I’ve been buying lately. I’m saving those for when I have a place of my own to decorate.


My shiny things are now all happily back out on display, so they’re easier to get to. If I see it, I’ll wear it. I’m usually in a rush when it comes to leaving the house and most days will just grab the closest accessory, whatever clothes are in the ‘to be put away’ pile and the shoes I trip over. Having most of my decorative things out like this keeps me organised and is a bit more interesting than wearing the same pearl necklace every day.


I forgot to take a photo of the chest of drawers itself. I painted and decorated those years ago when I was quite into glitter. The top two drawers are covered in glitter and there are fairy stones/flat backed marbles stuck around the edges. It’s not in fabulous condition at the moment, but nothing a little glue won’t fix.


Look at what I get to look at all month! This calendar is so great. It will definitely be reincarnated and cut up for framing next year. Actually, you might have noticed a bunch of Elvgren pictures on my wall above.  Yup, that’s last years calendar. I’m always really careful what sort of pens I use on my calendars so that I can reuse the pictures later.

Here’s a few bonus pictures just for good measure:




4 responses to “Word of the week – Week 1 – Space

  1. Wow! Your room looks amazing & I just love the wardrobe door!

    It really does look like a boudoir. I mean that in the nicest possible way… My room was meant to have that vibe but *fail*.

    Also – I love your collection of accessories & the way you present them… just brilliant!

  2. wildandpreciousart

    Thankyou. =)

    I’d love a more boudoiry (?) bedroom. One with more grown up class than photos blutacked to walls and rainbow feather boas – that will come when i have a grown-up house and I’m not living under my parents roof!

  3. eee, ROCKY!! <33333 & agreed, your accessories layout is amazing. love the wrist candy 😀

  4. Wow Bec, great pics – accessories look awesome. I might have to sneak in that room and ‘borrow’ some! teehee. Your blog is looking good, and it’s nice to see you using it now 🙂

    xo – the awesome lush buying mum!

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