Snippets of history.

I’ve been going through my old LJ from way-back-then and trying to piece together a bit of history. Rather than going through everything, I thought I’d just look at posts from December and see what that told me about who I was and what I was up to…

December 2001 – I was working at The Purple Patch Healing and Spiritual Centre – a business my Mum owned with a friend of hers. I was taking bookings and phonecalls and learning reiki. I was dating James and he made me a cd of him singing songs for christmas. I have a feeling I was blonde.

December 2002 – I was singing at Zacc’s italian restaurant. I’d just moved back in with my parents after living on campus at uni. I’d been broken up with James for a while. I’d just bought my ballerina hangbag from Prude. I was drinking a lot of girly wine (the wicked wine company’s ‘Lust’). I was hanging out with G and lots of boy. Mum bought me a beautiful marcasite watch.  I had fudge red/black hair.

December 2003 – Opened Scrappindipity at the E-Shed Markets. I had been with Jesse for a while by now.  I had finished the first run of Cosi.I had brown hair (because of the show). We were living in North Perth after 6 months in Leederville.

December 2004 – Jesse and I were engaged. I had big black hair that would make robert smith proud.  I was going out a LOT. Denim & Sin and lots of house parties. We were living in Highgate.  Jesse set his parents christmas table on fire with absinthe.

December 2005 – Manning Arcade Scrappindipity was opened this year.  It was also the year of Plasticine and Crazy for You at the Rockingham Theatre. Shaving cream christmas eve attack by Amy and Ali. Nuclear Red hair for the first time as Posion Ivy for NYE.

December 2006 – My lack of notes indicates a good christmas and lots of family time. I was on a bit of a health kick. Jesse’s dad thought I was pregnant at christmas because I didn’t drink anything alcoholic at their place. (ha ha) Fraggle Rock dressup for NYE.

December 2007 – We just got back from Bali, my first ever international holiday. Christmas was expensive for everyone because we all went over the top and we vowed to do a secret santa next year. 80s dressup NYE.

December 2008 – Just got back from Thailand/ Kuala Lumpur. Living with my parents again which made christmas morning more like christmas. Waaaay too much food on christmas day, but yum yum yum. We followed through on the secret santa thing, good for pockets and shopping stress levels, but not as much fun as buying pressies for everyone.  Hawaiian NYE tomorrow night.


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