It’s that time of year again…

I’m not a big summer fan, but I do really like the end of December and the beginning of Jan.  Firstly because it gives me the perfect excuse to buy a new calendar, make a new journal, ogle pretty planner diaries and pretend that I’d actually use one and spend even more time than usual thinking about the things I’d like to do and achieve.

I don’t really ‘do’ resolutions though. Unless my ‘always’ resolution counts – be a better version of me. By ‘better’ I mean a number of things, but generally just being more of the things I think are important and good about who I am, the things that make me me – and less of the things I don’t like or value or want to be.

So here are my not-really-resolutions, life plans, philosophies, the result of too much time in the self-help/inspirational literature section…

– Creativity – make more stuff, help other people make more stuff, spread the crafty love and encourage creativity in the people who want it but don’t think they have it inside them.

– Brain food – read more, learn more, experience as much as possible, figure things out, ponder, challenge beliefs and relearn the things I think I know.
– Happiness – spend more time with the people i love, spend more time with people i enjoy spending time with, spend less time with people who bring me down or drain my energy. Do more things just for me, just for fun or just because. Relax, make things, surround myself with pretty things, get over it and move on. Find the good in any situation.
– other important things – be true to myself. know my limits. don’t expect too much of myself or put the pressure on to be something I’m not. put on enough pressure to maintain momentum though. be good. be kind. treat myself and my body with respect.

Most importantly: ENJOY life. All of it. Soak it up, squeeze it out, make the most of any given situation.


One response to “not-really-resolutions

  1. I like ur not-really-resolutions. You can make 09 whatever you want! Im not usually a resolution person, but i think after last year- 09 called for it!

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