I’m back.

I’m back at work today, not quite feeling 100% but I couldn’t handle another day hanging out on the couch.

My sister is going in for her knee operations today. Poor thing. I wish I could do it for her.  She’s a sporty type – she plays softball and soccer and the recovery time alone is enough to be pretty depressing for her. I’m hoping that everything goes smoothly today for her. I’m going to pop into the hospital to see her when I’m finished at the shop.

I havent bought her christmas pressie yet. I don’t really know what to get since she’ll be off her leg for a while I thought it would be good to get something indoorsy like a video game or dvds or books, but she’s already got so many… maybe I’ll get her something crafty that she might be able to sell for a bit of extra cash. hmmm.

In other news, remember the gorgeous bangle I scored in Mylene’s blog giveaway? She’s got another one happening at the moment. She’s been posting some stunning christmas cards made all using the same stamp.  So check them out and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win the red to my green. =)


One response to “I’m back.

  1. Hope your sister is doing ok & u had a great christmas! Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

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