new biz cards

Ever since getting the new artwork for Scrappindipity done – by Lauren, I’ve been meaning to get new business cards designed and printed. There simply wasn’t room for anything else on the existing design, let alone a big image, so I put on my designer hat and whipped up some new ones.

I loved my old business cards. They were the first ones I designed for Scrappindipity when we branded ourselves with the black and red and white retro look.  (and got rid of the teal & purple combo that’s pretty but was everywhere at the time.) They were a long rectangular shape with rounded corners (each card cut and corner done by hand) and they got positive comments from everyone that picked one up.  I was a little sad to see them go to be honest.  Actually, I might do another print run of them anyway and have two business cards designs – typical Bec style:  Ccan’t decide? Have both.

So here’s the new business cards for Scrappindipity.



Next design project – business cards and packaging for wild and precious!


One response to “new biz cards

  1. Very cool. I love the pic of you guys, I was so impressed when I first saw it!

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