My first (and probably only) fashion post

Bec Everyday by bttrversionofme

This is pretty much what I wear all the time. The accessories change a lot, and sometimes I don’t bother with the lippy, but this about covers it.

I’m not much of a fashiony type, but I do like shiny things and accessories.  I did suspect that when I lose some weight I’d probably get more adventurous but if I’m honest, the only thing that would change would be the skirt shape.


7 responses to “My first (and probably only) fashion post

  1. I love your style, black is always so classy, especially with the red lippie 🙂 And I adore the pearls- ive never really been a fan but I can see how they would work with this ouffit!

  2. wildandpreciousart

    thanks hon. I never used to be a fan of pearls either but one day I just realised I didn’t like the pieces of jewelery I’d seen with pearls and it changed my whole outlook on them.

  3. I was looking for your face in amongst all that… It’s like you’ve been hit with a grenade but everything’s intact

  4. wildandpreciousart

    ha ha. you made me giggle.

  5. So typically Bec – nicely chosen set 🙂

  6. Gorgeous set of items! That skirt is just gorgeous!

  7. Scrub the previous one. Who on earth uses the same word twice in a line! I really should be sleeping rather than commenting… BUT

    The outfit does look amazing & I do really like that skirt!!

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