Stamping: Tags

greenforwildShowing my roots here. No, not my hair – that was fixed a couple of weeks ago.

I don’t do a lot of stamping these days,  although that’s what got me into this whole crafty biz thing to begin with. I also don’t do a lot of ‘goth’ these days – so it’s a double whammy of takes-me-back.

The latest stamps I’ve ordered into the shop have a definite gothy twist – they’re from Stampotique and are the work of artist Daniel Torrente.  Of course, I couldn’t wait to have a play with them and so I made a couple of simple tags to show them off.  I couldn’t resist these cuties and I’m so glad to have them here at last.stormforwild

A simple how to:

The background for both of these tags was made by swiping impress ink pads directly across the tag and spritzing with water so that they bleed and blend. (A slightly less messy version of a technique I use a lot that involves inking up a plastic sheet or craft mat, spritzing that, and then laying the paper into the beads of ink.)  Once the background was dry, the girls were stamped in black ink and embossed using ultrafine embossing powder (in black) then I used my trusty white signo pen to give them a ghostly pallor.

A few scritchy lines with a black signo pen and a swipe of the black ink pad around the edges finished them off. I was going to add text, but I thought I’d leave them blank until I decide what I want to use them for.

Any suggestions?


5 responses to “Stamping: Tags

  1. Oooh I adore them Bec!! Those girls are too adorable! I have an inner goth too, Im sure we all do 🙂 I cant think of anything to use them for other than saving for special pressies, or attaching into journals 😀

  2. Hi Bec

    I have been just addicted to the whole family of these gals and guys for some time now, my favs are moth fab and bowtie. A technique I was recently showed with these designs that I think works just divine is some black cardstock, black emboss the stamp and then with a water pen apply household bleach to gain certain highlights that are so dark and goth. A touch up if you like then with twinkling h2o’s if like me you just love colour. I’ll bring mine in next time I drop in to share. Love to see you have your own blog too!

    • wildandpreciousart

      Hi Brenda.
      I haven’t done much with the bleach technique for a good couple of years, I might break it out again for these girls.
      One of the best parts of my job is seeing what people are doing with things, I always liked show & tell as a kid. So feel free to bring things to show off whenever you visit, I’d love to see them. =)

  3. These stamps are so darn cute, you have to have the whole collection!! LOL

  4. those are gorgeous, i love them so much!

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