Soup with a Spoonful of Stars

pasta-stars I’ve been making soup this evening. It’s not very often that I’ll get creative in the kitchen, but it’s about time I got healthy again. My sister and I are going on a soup kick for as long as we can stand or until Christmas.  So I made a pot of celery and onion and another pot of sundried tomato and spinach. I added a few spoonfuls of tiny pasta stars.

On another celestial note, tonight there’s a big Smiley face over Perth. Jesse’s taken some photos, so I’ll upload one with my next post.


2 responses to “Soup with a Spoonful of Stars

  1. STAR PASTA!!!!!!!!! Wasn’t the smiley awesome? I kept telling my hubby to look in the sky and he was like “what, what! I dont know what you’re on about!” then he looked up and was all “oooohhh” 😀

  2. The smiley face was wonderful, it kinda made me all happy and gooey inside – for a minute while watching it… haha
    The Soup smells great btw 🙂

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