blah blah blah

I’m not used to this personal blogging thing. Its been a long time since my regularly updating livejournal days.

I’ve been playing with resin again, finishing off some collage pendants for the craft fair next weekend. I hope I get enough things ready to sell. I really should have had some designs put together for badges by now, but I keep putting things like that off. The exchange rate doesn’t help matters much. It’s not exactly inspiring me to put together large wholesale orders right now!

I’m jealous of the other Perth Ladybloggers who went to see the sugar blue art show that I had planned on going to but completely forgot about. Maybe I’ll make it to the next one though – Alice in Wonderland themed, so I’ve almost got an outfit ready to wear already. =)

deutzI kept myself busy this weekend anyway – work drinks with Jesse’s people on Friday, Leo’s birthday dinner at the Mighty Quinn on Saturday, secondhand markets Sunday morning and then yummy ‘early christmas’ meal with Pop and Mary on Sunday night.  Today was my day off, so I played with the collage oendants a little – I think I’ll end up being happy with about half of them and the others might need some creative fixing. I didn’t seal the paper quite enough and it’s going translucent in patches. Some of my pretty nudies look they have nasty skin conditions – not exactly the sort of thing most people will want adorning their necks!

Jesse just poured me some bubbly and now we’re going to play some guitar hero.

Life’s too short to save the bubbles for special occasions.


3 responses to “blah blah blah

  1. Yes, you DEFINITELY have to come next time! We’ll round up all the Perthians! You almost started a Burlesque group? Hell yeah! Do it!

  2. wildandpreciousart

    Yup, very nearly. Back before this burlesque resurgence thingy that got so many people interested in it – and it wasn’t going to be nearly as full scale as SB. More just a one or two off thing along with some bands. Sugar blue have it pretty much covered, so there’s no need for me now. I’ve been out of the performing arts scene for so long now I probably wouldn’t know where to start anyway.

  3. Meh, there’s room for two burlesque troupes in Perth! I wanna be in yours! 😀 Haha

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