More mould making

cameosI had a few new goodies arrive from etsy today, which sparked another batch of mould making. (I’ve been doing quite a bit of etsy shopping lately- which is good because I’m buying lovely stuff from the sorts of stores i like to support, but bad because the aussie dollar is so weak compared to what it was a few months ago.)

This image is of some of the beautiful cameos from Dawn of I didn’t get all the ones in the picture, I was really happy with my random selection though.

Today I made a few new moulds with some of the cabs and a cameo – I can’t wait to blend up some resin properly and try these out.

I had a brief experiment with air-dry clay in the new moulds which seems to be working rather nicely but I’ll wait for it to dry properly before I get my hopes up.

While I had the air dry clay out and all over my hands I made a simple little pinch bowl with a lace texture – somethign I’ve been wanting to do for AGES. If this one is successful, I think I’ll be making them all the time and experimenting with different glazes and finishes.

On a non-crafty note, I’m off to the Jazz Cellar tonight. Quite possibly my favourite place in the world. I can’t wait!I’m going to pop into the bottleshop and grab myself a little something to drink while I save our table – Mum, Dad and Jesse won’t be getting there till a bit later than me but I’m going straight from work.  Yay!


3 responses to “More mould making

  1. I love you, i love you, i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SERIOUSLY. Thank you a hundred thousand times! You know me so damn well! You honest to god absolutely made my day, and weekend. That was the best parcel I’ve ever gotten! I am so excited right now!
    P.S. I love ur version of the ladyblogger logo, yay for the twinkle on the cupcake!

  2. wildandpreciousart

    yay! I love putting together good mail but I never do enough of it. You were *really* easy to make mail for. =)

    I’m adding sparkles to everything I do in photoshop lately. I’m addicted. If I start animating the twinkles, please refer me to an institution.

  3. That WAS fast then! Go A.Post! Especially for this time of year. Would be nice if I got the same service at work and could stop chasing up parcels for annoyed customers! YAY for your mum too, I commented on her blog 🙂 I am still SO excited. I woke up, and tipped my goodies out again and went all through them. I LOVE the book! Scritchy scratchy me is fun! And the words on the outside, really what I needed right now! I will be sure to fill it with positive thoughts!

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