Decorated Wrist

Bangle by Mylene Hillam

Bangle by Mylene Hillam

Today I’m wearing my newest piece of jewelery – the gorgeous faceted resin bangle that I won from a giveaway over at the Mill Lane Studio Blog. I got back from holiday last week and the package with this treasure was the first thing I saw on the bench when I got home. It was a great welcome home gift. =)

The piece is gorgeous and so nice to wear. It’s the perfect weight and has a lovely smooth texture that I just can’t stop touching. Because there are two colours of resin in it – an olivey green and an ambery sort of colour – it looks like it’s glowing when you get it in certain light. Very nice.Thanks Mylene. I love it!

Mylene is teaching resin classes in QLD, details avaiable at her webpage Mill Lane Studio. And you can check her out on etsy:


2 responses to “Decorated Wrist

  1. So pretty! I love bangles but I have tiny hands and wrists, so I always have trouble keeping them on!

  2. Hey Bec. Glad you’re enjoying your newest accessory…. the faceted bangle really catches the light so well!
    I see you’ve been playing with resin and moulds yourself so I’m off to check out what you’ve been up to.
    And a very big thank you for the plug for my resin classes and etsy shop 🙂

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